Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProfitsDesk?

ProfitsDesk is an easy-to-use and affordable "Contact Form" that allows you to provide a reliable contact point for people to contact you.

Our Contact Form is a simple webpage through which people can send their message directly to your mailbox.

The main benefits are:

  • Emails sent through a Contact form, are much less likely to get blocked by spam filters.
  • Your email address is hidden from the public view.

Why not just post my email address on my webpage?

Showing your email address publicly on a webpage is a very bad idea.

  • "Email harvesters" use software to collect any email addresses they can find on webpages. These lists of email addresses are then sold to thousands of people who will send their ads to these lists. This is a big-money illegal industry, so don't think they won't find your email address. Displaying your email address on any webpage WILL get you on these lists in no time.
  • The result is an ever-increasing amount of spam being sent to your mailbox, until you eventually have to drop the mailbox and get another one.

  • By using using our Contact Form, people can email you without seeing your email address. That means, even though they may still send you a spam email, they can never add your email address to spam-lists. Your mailbox will stay much cleaner, saving you time and avoiding frustration when answering emails.

Why not install a contact script if I have my own webspace?

ProfitsDesk was initially created as a Contact script that you install on your own webspace. But we experienced very quickly, people needed an easier solution.

  • People who don't have their own webspace needed a hosted solution like ProfitsDesk.
  • Many people simply are not comfortable with installing a script.
  • Many website scripts have a built-in Contact Form, but they often lack the powerful features that you will find in ProfitsDesk.

ProfitsDesk saves you time, allowing you to quickly and easily be up and running with your own Contact Form. It is very affordable, and even profitable to use. It is always up to date to address any security/technical issues that might arise.

You can focus on your marketing and email support, confident that ProfitsDesk are taking care of managing your Contact page.

There are many Helpdesk scripts. Why is ProfitsDesk better?

Helpdesk scripts offer many features that are useful for larger companies with multiple departments and full-time support-staff.

For individuals and small-business owners who answer their emails themselves, a simple Contact Form like ProfitsDesk is a much more convenient alternative.

Some examples of why our Contact Form is often better than a fully-fledged Helpdesk.
  • A HelpDesk requires the owner to log in the site every time they want to handle emails. With ProfitsDesk, emails are sent directly to your mailbox from where you can simply reply to the email.
  • A HelpDesk often requires that people first create an account before using it. People already have so many online accounts, they don't want to create yet another one "just for sending an email". A Contact Form allows people to send directly to your mailbox, which is what many people prefer.
  • A HelpDesk works with "support tickets" which many people dislike. These tickets can be opened, closed, put on hold, rated, ... Do you really need all of these features when you just want to be able to answer an email?
  • If you are involved in multiple websites, you often need to install a HelpDesk for each one. Online marketers are often involved in many opportunities. With ProfitsDesk, you use 1 Contact form for all your opportunities.
  • HelpDesk features depend on the script. Some may appear to have better features than others, but they are all designed primarily, to offer support.

    While some helpdesks allow you to show ads in an attempt to generate extra income from your helpdesk, ProfitsDesk was specifically designed to generate as much income as possible, without annoying people.

    Not many HelpDesk or Contact form scripts include an affiliate program to earn commissions while using it and very few incorporate link tracking to identify exactly who is viewing your ads.

    And, we have yet to find a helpdesk or contact script that also allows you to show your ads "automatically" across other high-traffic websites... ProfitsDesk allows you to do all this and more!

Still have questions ?

See our helpdesk in action, and send your questions and/or comments here:

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