What a great idea. I never got around to installing a helpdesk script for my site. They either had too many features I don't need, or just not enough features. This is just what a small website owner needs, without all the complications and security risks of installing it on my own webspace.
Your helpdesk improves communication with my website members, and stimulates them to check out my other offers every time they contact me.
And it is good to know that my email address and domain name are finally safe from email harvesters.

Greg Neale : Hits-a-Million


I have been working with Valleyken and Greg for many years, and I recommend any program they produce without reservation. The Profitdesk is perfect for any website owner that wants an easy, no-hassle solution to their admin member email problem. It is an amazing program that does exactly what I need it to do for all of my websites. I have been using it for years and will continue to use it years to come.

Bill Nelson : FreeTrafficLotto - HitToad - Pragmatics25


What an easy way to have an instant helpdesk for my website. I was getting so much spam when I was using my email address for support.

Many members whose support emails got blocked by spam filters, are now finally getting their questions to me through my helpdesk.

Cindy : ValentineHits


Hi Valleyken,

Profit desk has helped me to help my clients ! Being a seasoned marketer, I always look for ways to help everyone and I found that here..I just upgraded for life so I can continue to provide my customers with continued support.

Linda Lane : GrannyPreneur

CheapAzz Hi Valleyken,

This is a GREAT helpdesk script. I tried several other helpdesk scripts, but none of them comes even close to the convenience and features you have included in yours.

With the big commissions and the built-in advertising for all my other offers, there is no doubt this will put some extra money in my pocket. Awesome opportunity !

Brian Hawkins : ExtremeEzine


Thank You for such an easy-to-use helpdesk. This is much easier than having to install it on my own webspace.
This will help me to keep my email address safe when I give people my contact information.
And I even earn commissions when people buy a helpdesk through my link.
This is going to be a great money maker.

Borje Helgesson, Sweden

Hi Valleyken,
I am already getting support emails through my helpdesk ...people asking for more info...
This is a great tool you set up ...
Hear from you soon.

Kind Regards, Tony : Sticky-Ads
Thanks for creating the Helpdesk. It has already helped me to better serve my customers.
It has also helped me to keep my primary email address private. I love the way I could set up my own color scheme to match my website.
Thanks again for such an ingenuious idea.

Wow! I see the benefits of having your own helpdesk like the one we offer.
Thanks for taking the time to let me know about it again because I would have missed this opportunity.
To Our Success!
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