Offer Your Customers, Prospects, Referrals & Members a Reliable Way To Contact You AND Earn Passive Income At The Same Time!

Let me introduce to you the most powerful tool to increase your online sales...

Is it a free bonus for buying or signing up ? Maybe a One-Time-Offer or killer salescopy ? A pop-up, pop-under, fly-in, slide-in, peel-away ad ? Or is it another slick trick that online marketers use ?

The answer might surprise you !


If you want to have a successful business on the internet, you must provide support. This is the one thing that ALL the leading internet marketers agree on.

  • No matter how good your offer or salescopy is, many people will have questions before they are ready to buy.

  • Others are concerned about your service after the sale. They want to be confident that they can contact you if they have any problems trying to access their account or a product download.

So, you are already offering customer support? Congratulations !
BUT you're only half way, there's more you need to know...


I have been working with Valleyken and Greg for many years, and I recommend any program they produce without reservation. The Profitdesk is perfect for any website owner that wants an easy, no-hassle solution to their admin member email problem. It is an amazing program that does exactly what I need it to do for all of my websites. I have been using it for years and will continue to use it years to come.

Bill Nelson FreeTrafficLotto   HitToad   Pragmatics25

Using regular email for support is like offering no support at all.

While experienced online marketers realize the importance of offering reliable support, beginners often make the mistake of offering support by providing only their email address. This is almost as bad as offering no support at all.

  • Spam filters are blocking your support emails.

And if you don't receive support emails, you can't answer them. You won't even know that someone was trying to contact you.

The result ... unsatisfied customers and a poor reputation for you.

  • Email harvesting bots cause spam to flood your mailbox.

Displaying an email address on a website attracts "email-harvesting bots" that quickly add your email to spam lists, resulting in a mailbox choked with spam and useless for support.

The result ... confused customers and support problems for you.


A Contact Form allows people to input their contact info and any questions they may have about your business.

After pressing the Submit button, their question is immediately sent to your mailbox.

ProfitsDesk will improve your business in several ways:

  • Dramatically increases the chance of support emails actually arriving in your mailbox, instead of being blocked by spam filters.
  • Keeps your mailbox clean by protecting your email address from being added to spam lists by email harvesting bots.
  • Makes a professional impression and shows both existing and potential customers that you care about offering quality support.

Easy to use

Getting a Contact Form for your business can't get any easier.

  • Nothing to install - No webspace needed

    Forget about trying to install complicated scripts. ProfitsDesk runs on its own server, so you don't even need your own webspace. Just sign up and activate your ContactForm.
  • One Contact Form for all your needs

    You don't need a different Contact Form for each of your offers. ProfitsDesk uses some clever tricks to use it for ALL your online opportunities.
  • Customize it to suit your taste

    From within your members area, you can easily customize your Contact Form with your own header graphic, logo or color scheme. You can also enable the optional Live Support feature, or add your own ads.
  • Always up-to-date

    No need to worry about keeping your Contact Form updated. ProfitsDesk is constantly updated for optimal security and performance.


This is just what a small website owner needs, without all the complications and security risks of installing it on my own webspace.
Your helpdesk improves communication with my website members, and stimulates them to check out my other offers every time they contact me.
And it is good to know that my email address is finally safe from email harvesters.

Greg Neale : Hits-a-Million

Maximize your profits

ProfitsDesk helps you to achieve maximum financial rewards from using a Contact Form.

  • A Contact Form is one of the most responsive places to show your ads.

    When people contact you through your ProfitsDesk, you already have their attention and their willingness to take action. They also know that you care about helping them with any questions they might have ... and they very likely want to know what else you are selling online.

    That is why ProfitsDesk allows you to display your own ads.

  • ProfitsDesk includes a professional link tracking service.

    The ads you show on your Contact page are automatically tracked, so you will be able to see in detail who is viewing your ads.

  • ProfitsDesk has a built-in affiliate program.

    Even if you have no products to sell online, by joining ProfitsDesk you will be able to sell flexible and affordable Contact Forms in return for generous commissions. Everybody contacting you through your Contact Form, will automatically see your affiliate link to join as your referral.

  • ProfitsDesk automatically builds you a mailing list.

    Contact your referrals through our high-quality downline mailer. And since your referrals are most likely interested in the same online activities as yourself, it is also a targeted mailing list.

Five minutes from now, you can have an Easy-To-Use, Profit-Generating Contact Form for your business.


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